Center for integration of youth, opened in Republic of Moldova, through a Romanian MAE programme

10 octombrie 2009

Information in English

The center for territorial integration for youth, from Telenesti, Republic of Moldova, was opened on Thursday, as part of a project financed by the Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, MAE. According to a press release sent to AGERPRES by MAE, the setting up of the center is part of a project called “Better opportunities for the youth and women”, financed by MAE from the budget for assistance for development for the year 2007 and implemented by UNDP Republic of Moldova.

The project was given an award in Dec 2008, as part of the South-South Development Expo, organized at the UN Center of New York, being selected from over 60 projects as one of the best in the social field.

“The project promotes the diminution of the vulnerability of some underprivileged social categories vs negative social aspects, with domestic violence and physical abuse, abandon, unemployment, crime and the consumption of drugs.

The purpose of the project is the development of support programmes with a view to the social-economic and professional integration of the graduates from boarding schools. The center for social reintegration responds to the deficit of special social services for the youth educated as part of the residential system, ” reads the press release.

The source mentions that Romania also contributes, to the consolidation of the expertise of the Republic of Moldova regarding the capacity of coordination in the field of social security for migrating workers.

In 2009, MAE financed a project of official assistance for development worth 100,000 euros, aimed at the guaranteeing of the social rights for Moldovan migrant workers and for their families, as well as the increase in the qualities of the security services granted to them. The project is implemented by the International Labour Organization, ILO, together with the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Security of Romania.


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