Ancient Roman edifice uncovered at Niculitel

25 noiembrie 2009

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Workers hired by the town hall of Niculitel, the eastern Tulcea County, uncovered an ancient Roman edifice, while they were digging for the foundation of a sports base.
Village mayor Florin Pascale told that the works for the building of the new sports grounds had been immediately ceased and experts of the Environment and Museum Research Institute (ICEM) are to search on the area.

‘The archaeologists found bases of several ancient Roman columns, pottery and coins from the time of Emperor Antonius Pius’ rule, but the ICEM exerts’ report has not been finished yet. There are objectives of a very high cultural value here, but unfortunately we are not ready for tourism, because of the infrastructure,’ the mayor said.

The village shelters the Martyrdom Basilica, a monument of an outstanding national value, unique in Europe, where the relics of the saint martyrs Zotikos, Attalos, Kamasis and Fillippos were found, in summer of 1971. The basilica is the most ancient of the kind, the first Paleochristian architectural monument transposing the concepts the Greek-Roman mausoleums relied on. The relics of the four saints are kept at Cocos Monastery, nearby Niculitel.


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