Romania opens round-table conference in Baku on NATO role in Europe

Romania’s Ambassador in Baku Nicolae Ureche on Tuesday will open the round-table conference on the „NATO Role in Ensuring Security and Stability in Europe and Strategic Distance,” which is hosted by Romania’s diplomatic mission to Azerbaijan.

According to a release sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, Norway’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan as well as the managers of the Atlantic Treat Association’s branches in this country, of the centre for military research and analyses and of the Euro-Atlantic Centre in Baku will also deliver speeches during the sessions in Baku, which are devoted to the 61st NATO anniversary and the 16th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s participation in the Partnership for Peace.

Officials of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence and Parliament were also invited to attend the above-mentioned event. The event mentioned before is carried out in cooperation with the public association for security and defence in Azerbaijan and is meant for the members of this association (former military staff and reserve officers), but also for the representatives of other nongovernmental organizations.

On January 1, 2009 Romania took over the mandate of NATO contact point embassy to Azerbaijan for 2009-2010. NATO contact point embassies to the partner states have an important role in the relation between the Alliance and the state in question, which includes support in carrying out NATO activities, especially the public diplomacy ones locally as well as taking the necessary measures for ensuring a communication channel for the NATO policies in the partner state.


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